using this wiki

For newbies
1. For playing, click on the :: Wiki on the left, chose SandBox - it's a trainer page which gets not saved, so you can try everything
2. To edit an existing page, click on "edit" on the upper left corner of the middle column below the name of page.
3. On the right of the "menulist" there is a "Wiki quick help" button, use it and it displays a short help on the bottom.
4. Wiki-links created using the double-brackets or the CapitalizedWords have a question mark if they are not created yet.
5. Please when you edit a page, add a comment to the bottom to see what has changed.
6. Please use preview.
7. Please edit this page if you found out something on wiki usage that might be of interest to anybody else.
8. The "save" button below does NOT work as "Save As" works in most programs. It saves the changes to the page you started to edit. If you want to make a new page, you need first to create it and then edit that (for tips how to create a new page see item 1. below).

What have I figured out so far
1. Starting a new page: click "edit" on any page (e.g. this one) and replace the name of the page in URL by the one to be created. It will then look like: http://www.thetaylorfamily.org.uk/wiki2/"Image" src="http://thetaylorfamily.org.uk/wiki2/images/ed_copy.gif" border="0" width="18px" height="18px" /> in the Quicklinks above), save the page, then click on the question mark next to that expression.

2. The double-colon next to "Wiki" and other items in the left bar-menu is an "expandor" - click on it.

3. When making a change, it is good to add a Comment (below the edit window) so that it is immediately obvious what has changed (Steve discovered this one...) It's good also when one looks into the history (based on which the admin can roll-back to the previous versions, if something goes wrong).

4. To write something in italic, you need to enclose it into doubled apostrophes (') and not into quotes (").

5. The Last changes (in the ::Wiki rolldown in the left column) works, ehm, improperly, and is practically unusable. I use rather the List pages and sort by date of last change.

6. Although Steve claims that edits marked as Minor (tickbox next to Save button - in edit) are stored in the history, but they are not displayed, so I can't figure out what was the change (cannot display a diff), and it also hides the comment of the previous change. Please don't use it until somebody figures out how it works exactly.

7. Steve, please tell me, how did you made that some pages on updating send me an email? (some don't and I would like tohave this feature)

Remark: It all works surprisingly well in PalmOS (Treo)...