Where have those companies gone?

When working with modern electronics, I often search for information on various parts, some of them being produced for quite a long time, others discontinued. Companies producing these chips have the unfortunate habit of buying, selling, merging, spinning-off and renaming themselves regularly, so it is sometimes a real pain to find relevant information on an older part.

The presented diagram depicts the fate of following "disappeared" companies, or their semiconductor branch, or their particular line of products (in no particular order and far from being complete or even accurate):

Hewlett-Packard (HP), Agilent, Hyundai, Signetics, MHS (Matra), Telefunken, Temic, Burr-Brown, Motorola, Intel, Chips and Technologies, Unitrode, Benchmarq, Chipcon, Tesla, Lumileds, Siemens, MMI, Vantis, Crystal Semiconductor, Brooktree, Rockwell, Waferscale Integration (WSI), Thomson SA, Triscend, Mitel, Cygnal, Cyrix, IDT, Sprague, Harris, Philips, ISD, NextFlash, TDK Semiconductor, NetMos, Scenix, Ubicom, Ambient Technologies, ATI, Alliance Semiconductor, Infineon, Xicor, Winbond, ZMD, Simtek, Catalyst, AMIS, NanoAmp, Atmel, Sipex, Luminary, Numonyx, NEC, Teridian, Oxford Semiconductor, SST, Qimonda, Asiliant, Actel, Zarlink, National Semiconductor (NS), SMSC, Elpida, MosChip, Fujitsu, Supertex, Sanyo, Freescale, Fairchild, Atmel, Synergy Semiconductor, Micrel, Altera, Energy Micro, Wolfson, International Rectifier, ZMD(ZMDI), Spansion.

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Where have those companies gone?: The diagram.

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