STM32 goodies

Tables of various resources of STM32F4xx

Bit-banding calculator

Cortex-M4 Faults CheatSheet

Completely standalone barebone examples, no library, no IDE:

STM32L476xx augmented headers pack, needed to be added to some of the examples below.
STM32L476G-DISCO: basic blinky, breathing LED, RAM2 usage example, TIM example: falling edge of slow pulse in TIM2 triggers 3 rapid pulses on TIM1 (needs jumper between PB2 and PB3), dangerous bitband usage demonstrator (description), self-disabling one-shot timer (description), timer reset by external input (description), a simple clock (part of this project)

STM32L053-DISCO: basic blinky, chained timers to measure internal oscillators against LSE, e-paper control extracted from demo

STM32F031K6 Nucleo-32: basic blinky, DMA triggered from external input (through TIM capture)