STM32 goodies

STM32 gotchasNEW!

Microcontroller programmig 101NEW!

RCC PLL calculator spreadsheet intended for 'F4xx where USB is required, but should be tweakable for other similar purposes

Tables of various resources of STM32F4xx

Bit-banding calculator

Cortex-M4 Faults CheatSheet

mcu2csv - converts xml files from mcu subdirectory of CubeMX's program directory into csv, to be processed by some spreadsheet program (use at your own risk)

Writeup about the STM32 VREF

Tricks using DMA2D to perform some picture transformations

Completely standalone barebone examples, no library, no IDE:

STM32L476xx augmented headers pack, needed to be added to some of the examples below.
STM32L476G-DISCO: basic blinky, breathing LED, RAM2 usage example, TIM example: falling edge of slow pulse in TIM2 triggers 3 rapid pulses on TIM1 (needs jumper between PB2 and PB3), outputting a bunch of pulses using TIM1 and DMA, dangerous bitband usage demonstrator (description), self-disabling one-shot timer (description), timer reset by external input (description), demonstration of TIM multi-register write per one DMA source trigger (through DCR/DMAR) (description), demonstration of 2 channels TIM PWM output shifted using dead-time, and long period using master-slave (description), timers in master-slave, slave is gated (description), a simple clock (part of this project)

STM32L053-DISCO: basic blinky, timer/PWM with duty changed through DMA see discussion, chained timers to measure internal oscillators against LSE, e-paper control extracted from demo

STM32F031K6 Nucleo-32: basic blinky, DMA triggered from external input (through TIM capture)

STM32F429-DISCONEW!: doodle (binary only), LCD drawing demo using SPI, DAC demo outputting triangle/noise onto PA5

STM32F411 Nucleo-64NEW!: SPI daisy-chain demo

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